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JPM Steel Fabrication is not limited to any specific industry. Our team’s specialized knowledge of fabric buildings allows us to be versatile to any market and cater to our customers every need.


Look no further then JPM’s hoop sheds if you are in need of storing your produce or protecting your equipment and supplies. Whether its grain, hay, or farm equipment, our tension fabric buildings provide the best protection at the lowest cost. With a fabric building protecting your assets, you will never have to worry about the natural elements causing damage. You will also never have to worry about damage to your building because of our cover replacement services or paying for things such as lighting repairs. If you want to maximize your profit and ensure the quality of your product lasts, contact us about purchasing one of our tension fabric buildings.

- Hay Storage

Our fabric buildings are ideal for hay storage of all kinds. You may need to store hay for day-to-day use, or store hay in bulk for next season. Either way, a tension fabric building is most effective at keeping your hay dry and protected while allowing for easy access whenever you need.

When hay is stored on the ground, it is exposed to getting wet from rain and snow. Wet hay, especially over time, loses its nutritional value, and it becomes harder for your livestock to digest. Protecting your hay under a fabric building will maintain its quality and improve the health of your livestock. This will ultimately save you a sizeable amount of money from undamaged hay and healthy livestock.

- Equipment storage

Utilize one of JPM’s storage buildings to optimize your operations and protect your equipment from the elements. Farm equipment is no doubt a huge investment and maintaining the quality of that investment is paramount to reducing costly repairs. With a tension fabric building, you can preserve the integrity of your equipment and increase its lifespan. Our storage buildings can also be made airtight to reduce moisture buildup on your machines.

Using our storage buildings also makes working conditions safer. The first way is by providing a well-lit, shadow free, and covered environment to perform repairs or maintenance on your large equipment. The second way is ensuring that your machines are in optimal condition for when you use them. Large machinery can be dangerous if it malfunctions, so ensure your safety by protecting your farming equipment.

Salt & Sand Storage

Salt and sand have many different uses and it is important to protect the quality of these materials from the natural elements. To do so, an efficient and cost-effective building is required. That building is a JPM tension fabric building. Our team will help you find the perfect fit for your needs and operations. Weather that’s a hoop shed or a fabric dome, we will ensure that your sand or salt is stored properly and protected competently. We ensure that you can put your focus into your operations without having to worry about preserving your sand or salt materials.

- Winter Road Safety

One of the biggest uses for salt and sand is to remove snow and ice from roads in the winter. These two materials are crucial for the safety of drivers when the road conditions are icy. Protecting salt and sand and having them easily accessible is important for companies and municipalities and can be accomplished by storing them in a fabric building.

- Corrosion Protection

Our tension fabric buildings are the ideal storage buildings for salt and sand. These materials are extremely corrosive to metal buildings and steel buildings and can break down the integrity of those structures. This is not the case with the storage buildings at JPM. Our steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized to prevent them from corroding, rusting, and deteriorating from harmful materials.

Sports & Recreation

Create a superior experience for your sports or recreational activities when you use a JPM tension fabric building to house your next event. Whether you need an indoor soccer arena or a wedding venue, our fabric buildings are multi-purposed to fit your every need. Not only will our buildings create a wonderful experience, however they are used, but it will also save money that can then be put back into an organization or business.

- Save Money

Sports arenas can be extremely expensive to install and maintain. Our fabric buildings can help you redirect your focus from worrying about your building costs to helping your athletes succeed in their sport. Compared to traditional steel buildings or wooden buildings, our fabric buildings have a much lower initial investment and lower operational costs.

Another way our fabric buildings can save you money is by being temporary and transportable. If you need a facility for a seasonal event or are relocating to a new area, our fabric buildings are easily taken down, transported, and installed again! However, if you are planning on a permanent structure, our buildings will hold their integrity for years to come.

- Ideal Environments

Provide your athletes, guests, or teams with an outstanding environment for any and all activities to take place. No matter if it’s a tennis match or a trade show, a tension fabric structure will be the best fit to ensure a quality experience. Our fabric structures have no center columns, so you have free reign to design the layout of your structure. Our natural lighting and ventilation will give you the feeling of being outdoors while still being under the protection of the fabric building.

- Sports & Recreation Structure Examples:

• Ice skating rink

• Basketball courts

• Football fields

• Soccer arenas

• Hockey rinks

• Gyms

• Swimming pools

• Training facilities

• Concert venue

• Festival venue

• Outdoor pavilions

• Wedding venue

• Dog parks

• Boat slip cover

Waste & Recycling

Waste removal and recycling is an extremely important part of any municipality, but without the proper facilities, these operations couldn’t take place. Our tension fabric buildings provide the ideal workplace for waste and recycling operations. Working in those environments can be hazardous but here at JPM, we guarantee to provide you with a building that best fits your needs while keeping workers safe. Working in a JPM fabric building means you can be confident in your safety as well as the operational versatility.

- Worker safety

At JPM, workers safety is always a priority, and our team will specialize a fabric building to keep workers protected from a hazardous jobsite. Our fabric structures provide natural, anti-shadow light to ensure the work area is always well lit to process the waste and other materials.

Fire risks are always a factor in a waste or recycling facility and different materials and processing procedures can increase that risk. Our tension fabric buildings come equipped with fire-resistant fabric to reduce the risk of a workplace fire.

Within a waste or recycling facility, harmful emissions can be released from the materials, so it is important for there to be a ventilation system in place. Depending on your facility, ventilation systems can be installed or designed into any fabric building to keep workers safe from breathing in harmful gasses.

- Operational versatility

Waste and recycling facilities are diverse in terms of the operations that take place within them. At JPM, we design our fabric buildings specific to your needs and operations. A building that allows your operations to take place with the most safety and efficiency. Our buildings are column free so that allows you to map out a floor plan without concern of having to work around these impeding columns.

Another factor to take into consideration is the equipment these facilities need to run smoothly. Having a tension fabric building that will protect and maximize your equipment is essential to have smooth operations.


Livestock, of all kinds, is a staple in producing commodities such as meat, eggs, milk, leather, and wool. Owning livestock is also a staple of income for many families all over the world. Keeping these animals protected and healthy is a must in this industry to be successful. With a JPM tension fabric building you can do just that. Our buildings are specially designed for you and your animals to maximize the efficiency of your operations. Your building can be fabricated to hold any type or number of livestock. As for the operations that will take place within the storage building, our open floor plan allows you to have customized stalls, troughs, or even milking stations. Choose the best protection for the health for your livestock when you choose a JPM tension fabric building.

- Health

From milking facilities to simply housing animals, livestock health is of the upmost importance and here at JPM we always take your livestock’s health into consideration. Our fabric buildings provide natural light to your animals as well as ventilation. Having ventilation for your animals will help moisture exit your building and constantly bring in fresh air while still blocking wind chills.

Stress is a negative factor for livestock as it enables them to catch diseases easier. Our buildings will support a consistent environment for your livestock to become comfortable with. By having a building that your animals will feel safe in, their stress will be greatly reduced, and disease will be harder to spread throughout their numbers.

- Safety

Protecting your livestock is also another concern when dealing with a large number of animals. A fabric building will protect your livestock from outside predators and from the elements better than a traditional steel building or wood barn. Extreme heat or cold can be damaging for your animals so providing them with a place where they can be protected from the elements is essential.


Mining operations are important for gathering essential natural resources such as coal, iron, and copper. Providing competent workspaces for these operations is crucial to maximize productivity. A tension fabric building is perfect for these operations. Whether you need a bulk storage building, a hoop shed to store equipment, or a command center, JPM can provide the perfect fit for you. Our fabric buildings can accommodate to any specifics you may have and are perfect for temporary sites or permanent operations.

- Protection

Mining, of all kinds, requires many facilities so that operations can perform at the highest level. Fabric buildings will provide protection from the outside elements such as rain, hail, snow, and storms. Never again will weather conditions affect the productivity of your working facilities.

- Storage

Storage is a huge part of the mining industry and there is no better place to store raw materials or mining equipment than a tension fabric building. Our buildings provide storage and protection that is cost effective to your business. Compared to traditional metal buildings or steel buildings, our fabric storage buildings provide more versatility with how you utilize them. The column free space allows for easy access to the stored materials and heavy machinery can comfortably move around. Our fabric buildings are also relocatable, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a permanent building.


If you are considering buying a building to store your personal or commercial aircrafts, look no further than JPM’s tension fabric buildings. Our fabric structures provide your aircraft with leading protection at the best price for you. Never again will you have to worry about the safety of your plane when rough weather conditions are present. We guarantee that our team will provide you with the perfect building that fits your every aviation need. Our fabric provides natural lighting without the need to install expensive lighting systems.

- Protection

Aircrafts are a huge investment, so protecting them is essential to the longevity of your aircraft. Our fabric buildings are resistant against any weather conditions and have a longer lifespan than traditional metal aircraft hangers.

Keeping your aircraft safe, and therefore in prime condition is also a must to ensure the protection of you and your passengers in every flight.

Stored moisture can cause rust damage to your plane, tools, and equipment. Having a ventilation system is key to making sure everything being stored maintains its quality.

The fabric used for your building will also absorb sound better than a traditional metal building so you will be able to run your planes engine under the protection of your building.


Providing your horses with a comfortable environment is critical to their health and performance. Whether you are working your horses to heard cattle, perform in rodeos, competitions, or just everyday use, our tension fabric buildings are the perfect choice for all your equestrian needs. Compared to conventional wood or metal buildings, our fabric buildings provide the best training environment for you and your horses while still being cost efficient.

- Designed for you

Creating a building to match your needs is what will set JPM’s fabric buildings apart from the rest. Our versatile foundation options allow you to find the best fit for your horse’s fabric barn. having a column free floor plan also allows you to utilize the entire space of the building without any obstructions.

- Horse protection

The natural lighting creates a consistent, and therefore comfortable, environment for your horses to be in. Our fabric buildings also allow for ventilation during hot summer days as well as airtight fabric to hold in heat in the winter. Creating an environment that is stress free will allow your horses to thrive, live healthy lifestyles, and perform at their best.


Fertilizer storage buildings require specific aspects to properly house the corrosive materials. At JPM, we ensure that our tension fabric buildings are up to par so they can hold your fertilizer risk free. Fertilizer is an important product that farmers use to increase the productivity of their crops. Without it, the country would see a huge decline in all agricultural products, so it is vital to ensure those farmers have quality fertilizer to use. One of the most important factors that a fertilizer storage building has is anti-corrosive properties because of the high corrosiveness of fertilizer materials. Our fabric buildings have the best protection to make certain your building will last.

- Anti-corrosion properties

Fertilizer is highly corrosive to metal buildings and steel buildings and will damage the structures over time, eventually breaking them down completely. You will never have to worry about that with a JPM tension fabric building because our steel trusses are hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. This ensures that the strength of your building will endure even while holding such a corrosive material.

- Quality assurance

Never worry about your fertilizer being exposed to the elements. When you purchase a fabric building from JPM, you are ensuring the safety of your product and maintaining its quality for use. Our fabric buildings are built to withstand some of the harshest weather conditions that nature can throw at it, so you will never have to worry about your fertilizer being ruined.

JPM STeel Fabrication

Here at JPM, we design, fabricate, and install traditional and custom tension fabric buildings and dome storage buildings for bulk material. The elite craftsmanship of our storage buildings allows them to be versatile in any market and a 25 year warranty is included with every purchase.

Our tension fabric buildings are exceptional at storing material in any weather or season. Fabric buildings are also more practical than metal buildings or steel buildings because of their lower prices, easy installation, and relocation abilities.

Give us a call to discuss any questions or interests you have!


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